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We at GD aim to provide highest quality of products and services available in our portfolio and capacity to our business partners. Our Company is regional exclusive distributer of some of the below given companies in Turkey, Iran Islamic Republic, Middle East, Center Asia, Russia, Azerbaijan, Caucasia and as well as producer of the goods listed below.

Hereunder you will be able to some general information about our products and what we have to offer to you. Incase more information is needed, we will be more than happy to send you and to share our knowledge and long years of experience with you.

We may be available in the near future to discuss the subject with you as well.

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GD Company has started its activity short while ago, but the founders of the company has been in this business for more than 10 years and they have the complete knowledge and highest professional approach to the field in which GD company has set its activities. The company owners has the ambition and the target to provide not the supply only the products but together with highest quality material to offer the total project management and the most suitable solutions to the projects that they take part in.


The primary vision and the strategy of the GD Company is to be known as competitive, solution oriented business partner and to work always with total quality management approach. Within short time, GD Company with the immense knowledge of its owners will be a key player in this business.


Products offered:

• WILO (Germany)
o Pumps
• DPS (China)
o Submersible Pumps
• FRESE Hydraulic System Solutions (Denmark)
o Dynamic/Static Balancing Valves, Differential Pressure Control Valves, Thermostatic Circulating Valves, Pressure Independent Control and Balancing Valves, etc…
• VIR Group (Italy)
o Ball / Butterfly / Glob / Gate / Check Valves, Strainers, etc….
• SENSUS Metering System (Germany)
o Water Meter, Heat Meter, Heat Cost Allocators
• LANDIS&GYR Metering System (Germany)
o Water Meter, Heat Meter, Heat Cost Allocators
• TANPERA (Denmark – Turkey)
o Heat Exchangers, Accumulation Tanks, Boilers, etc…
• SONTEK Steel and Stainless Steel and Aluminum Manufactured (Turkey)
o Oil Separator, Water Storage Tank, Water and Wastewater Treatment System, Stair rail, Natural Gas Pressure Reducer Station
• DUYAR (Turkey)
o All valves Group
• KESSEL (Germany)
o All valves Group
o American Standard Valves
• PATTERSON (Ireland)
o Fire Pumps UL/FM Approved
o Sprinkler System
• AQUAMATCH (Turkey)
o Water treatment

Services offered:

GD is not only a company to sell or distribute the products available in its product portfolio but it is also providing the complete service and project management to the projects. Within this context, there is the project study, finding the most suitable products depending on the needs and demands of projects, a complete consultancy work and promising the best price and quality match.


GD Company owners believe that the real strength behind the success is always the knowledge and experience. The engineering capacity of the owners vast which is the true strength of GD Company, besides, the management staff is also known as efficient and punctual in their work to assist in their customers when a help is needed.


There are numerous projects either in Turkey or abroad that the owners previously cooperated in it. Many of these projects are very important buildings and are available to provide upon request.

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