Dynamic Balancing Valves

Dynamic balancing valve
Frese S is used in heating and cooling systems for the distribution of flow in various sections of the system.

The dynamic balancing valve ensures easy and reliable balancing of the system, regardless of any fluctations in the differential pressure of the system. Frese S limits maximum flow in the system, and ensures the most economical operation.

Frese S can be used in both variable and constant flow systems.

Quick and easy selection as only flow data are required.
Security that the specified flow will not be exceeded.
Easy to install and adjust according to pre-defined flow.
Flexibility if the system is modified after the initial installation
Minimized commissioning time due to automatic balancing of the system.
High comfort for the end-users due to right balance of the hydraulic system.
The valves automatically find the hydraulic balance regardless of pressure fluctations in the system.
No main circuit or branch balancing valves needed in the system.
Systems with dynamic balancing are flexible, as they do not require readjustment of the ”original” circuit in case the system is extended after installation.
Removable differential pressure cartridge solution simplifies flushing procedure
No minimum straight pipe lengths required before or after the valve.
Built-in optional P/T ports for needle system.
Easy adjustment of the flow by the lockable handle.